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Daily #Web3 Market

8 May 2024

NYSE Arca withdraws Grayscale's futures ETH ETF 19-b4 filing

NYSE Arca withdrew a significant filing for a Grayscale Ethereum Futures Trust ETF, impacting potential future listings and influencing broader strategies concerning cryptocurrency ETFs. Read more


Susquehanna discloses $1.3 billion in spot Bitcoin ETF investments

Susquehanna International Group has revealed substantial investments in several spot Bitcoin ETFs, highlighting significant institutional interest and its potential impact on the cryptocurrency market. Read more


Vitalk Buterin drafts EIP-7702 to enhance externally owned accounts

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposes EIP-7702, aiming to revolutionize how externally owned accounts interact on the blockchain, potentially increasing functionality and security. Read more

US Bitcoin ETFs see record outflows as Hong Kong counterparts thrive

US-based Bitcoin ETFs recorded unprecedented outflows, contrasting sharply with substantial inflows into Hong Kong's newly launched Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs, showcasing differing investor sentiments. Read more


Crypto Trading Firm Wintermute to Provide Liquidity for Hong Kong Bitcoin and Ether ETFs

Wintermute will become a liquidity provider for the recently launched Hong Kong-listed spot bitcoin and ether exchange-traded funds, aiming to strengthen its market share in the Asia region. Read more


BlackRock, Ondo, Superstate: The Biggest Movers in the RWA Sector in Q1

Catch up on the most significant news from the real-world asset space, featuring key developments and strategic moves by major players like BlackRock and Ondo. Read more

What Visa’s ‘Organic’ Stablecoin Report Misses

A critical look at Visa's report on stablecoin transactions, discussing the nuances and potential oversight in their analysis of market dynamics. Read more


 2 key Bitcoin indicators have ‘cooled off’ — Why it could be bullish

Bitcoin's funding rate and 3-month annualized basis rates are indicating a potential calm period before a possible significant market move, suggesting a bullish future for Bitcoin traders. Read more

Susquehanna International Group adds $1B in Bitcoin ETFs to portfolio

Susquehanna International Group has significantly increased its investment in Bitcoin ETFs, adding over $1 billion to its portfolio, signaling strong institutional interest in cryptocurrency. Read more


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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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