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Daily #Web3 Market

7 May 2024

Hightower Advisors, SouthState Bank disclose investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs

Hightower Advisors and SouthState Bank have disclosed significant investments in several spot Bitcoin ETFs, signaling continued institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market. Read more


CoinStats launches Degen Plan to enhance trading tools for serious crypto investors

CoinStats has unveiled the Degen Plan, a premium subscription service designed to provide advanced trading tools and enhanced analytics for serious cryptocurrency investors. Read more


German central bank president calls for swift adoption of CBDCs to stay competitive

Joachim Nagel, President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, has urged central banks to adopt CBDCs quickly to maintain competitiveness and adapt to the evolving financial landscape. Read more


GBTC breaks 16-week outflow streak with $63 million inflow on May 3

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) has broken its 16-week streak of outflows with a significant $63 million inflow, signaling a potential shift in investor sentiment. Read more


Nigeria to remove Naira from P2P trading platforms to curb currency manipulation

The Nigerian government plans to delist the Naira from all peer-to-peer trading platforms in an effort to tackle currency manipulation and stabilize the foreign exchange market. Read more


Custodia recruits distinguished solicitors in Federal Reserve case

Custodia Bank has enlisted top solicitors to bolster its legal team in an ongoing lawsuit against the US Federal Reserve, underscoring the bank's commitment to securing a Federal Reserve master account. Read more


Tom Brady grilled on FTX ties in Netflix roast — ‘He fxxked those people’

Tom Brady faced sharp criticism from comedians during a Netflix roast for his association with the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Read more


SEC punts Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF decision to July

The SEC has postponed its decision on Invesco Galaxy's Ethereum ETF application, setting a new deadline of July 5. Read more

Memecoins sell-off as Bitcoin price takes the spotlight — Is meme season over?

With Bitcoin recovering post-halving, memecoins like DOGE and SHIB are experiencing a significant sell-off, possibly signaling the end of "meme season." Read more

Central banks must revise business model, embrace CBDCs — ECB member

Joachim Nagel, President of the Bundesbank, emphasized the need for central banks to update their business models and adopt digital currencies at the BIS Innovation Summit.

Link: Read more

Why is Solana (SOL) price up today?

Solana's price rise today is attributed to increased network activity and favorable reports highlighting its potential as an "Ethereum killer." Read more

Here’s what happened in crypto today

Today's crypto news roundup includes updates on Bitcoin price trends, blockchain advancements, DeFi developments, NFTs, Web3, and regulatory actions. Read more


Two Big Bitcoin Catalysts Could Drive MicroStrategy Stock Gains, TD Cowen Says

TD Cowen analyst Lance Vitanza notes that upcoming Bitcoin catalysts could significantly boost MicroStrategy's stock by year-end, reflecting the symbiotic relationship between the company's strategy and Bitcoin's market movements. Read more

Ethereum Developers Target Ease of Crypto Wallets With 'EIP-3074'

Ethereum's proposed EIP-3074 aims to enhance user experience by improving wallet interactions on the blockchain, though it has sparked both support and concerns within the community. Read more


Allison Duettmann: How Blockchains Can Make AI Safer

Allison Duettmann of the Foresight Institute discusses the potential of blockchain technology to enhance the safety and accountability of AI systems in various sectors. Read more


AI-Agents Will Do Crypto Transactions’: Arif Khan on the Future of Crypto-AI

Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea, anticipates the future integration of AI in automating routine financial transactions like bill payments, significantly streamlining daily financial tasks. Read more


Popular Crypto Wallet MetaMask Rolls Out 'Smart Transactions' to Combat Ethereum Front-Running

MetaMask introduces 'Smart Transactions' as part of an ambitious update to improve security and efficiency, tackling issues like front-running on the Ethereum network. Read more



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