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Daily #Web3 Market

17 April 2024:


TRON DAO at Harvard Blockchain Conference and New TRON Builder Tour Stop

The TRON DAO participated as a Platinum Sponsor at the Harvard Blockchain Conference, showcasing its commitment to blockchain education and development. This event highlighted TRON DAO's efforts in fostering collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem through its TRON Builder Tour. Read more

 Israeli central bank official says digital payment methods have ‘eroded’ the role of cash

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel, Andrew Abir, stated at a recent conference that digital payment methods are overshadowing traditional cash due to their technological advantages, highlighting ongoing tests for a digital shekel in a new sandbox environment. Read more


Funding rate turns negative as Bitcoin drops below $64k

The funding rate for Bitcoin perpetual futures turned negative following a price drop below $64,000, indicating a bearish market sentiment. This shift in funding rates reflects heightened market volatility and changing trader behaviors. Read more

Solana-based PoW project Ore halts mining, announces version 2

The Solana-based proof-of-work project Ore has temporarily halted its mining operations due to network congestion issues, while preparing to launch a more efficient version of its contract, Version 2, which aims to address these challenges and optimize the system. Read more


PayPal ends protection for NFT transactions due to industry volatility

PayPal has announced that starting May 20, it will no longer offer buyer and seller protection for NFT transactions due to the high risk and volatility in the market. This change marks a significant shift in the company's approach to digital assets. Read more


Exchanges expected to run out of Bitcoin 9 months after halving – Bybit report

Summary: A report from Bybit suggests that cryptocurrency exchanges may run out of Bitcoin nine months post-halving due to high withdrawal rates and decreased mining rewards, forecasting a significant market impact. Read more

Ether Prices in Downtrend as Bitcoin Challenges $64K

The price of Ether continues to trend downward as Bitcoin approaches the $64,000 mark. Market dynamics reflect a shifting landscape in cryptocurrency investments and valuations. Read more


OKX 'OG' Execs Tim Byun and Wei Lan Leave Crypto Exchange

Summary: Tim Byun and Wei Lan, two of the original executives at the cryptocurrency exchange OKX, have decided to leave the company. Read more

Bitcoin and Ether Show Relative Resilience Amid Widespread Losses: CoinDesk Indices Market Update

Despite the broader market downturn, Bitcoin and Ether have shown remarkable resilience, according to the latest market analysis by CoinDesk Indices. Read more

Ore creator proposes rewards to tackle Solana congestion

Hardhat Chad, creator of the Ore protocol, has outlined new incentives to manage congestion on the Solana network. These measures are intended to improve transaction efficiency without seeking funds from the Solana foundation. Read more


Withdrawals from real estate betting platform Parcl hit $74M after airdrop

Users of the Parcl platform have withdrawn a significant amount of funds following a recent airdrop, highlighting issues with liquidity and trust within the platform. Read more

Why Bitcoin ETFs with ‘zero flows’ don’t mean what you think

Despite the lack of new inflows, over 2,000 US ETFs experience similar situations daily, according to ETF analyst James Seyffart, indicating that zero flows are a normal market phenomenon. Read more


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Daily #Web3 Market

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