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Daily #Web3 Market

11 Jul 2024

How Tokenized Real World Assets Are Outperforming Crypto

Tokenized real-world assets are providing investors with stable returns and reduced volatility compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. Institutions like BlackRock are leading the adoption, highlighting the potential for broader market integration and efficiency improvements. Read more

Bitcoin at Pivotal Point as Bear Market Beckons: Onchain Data

Bitcoin is facing a critical juncture with mixed signals about its market direction. Onchain data reveals factors suggesting both potential for further decline and signs of bottoming out. Read more

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Climbs Back Above $59K, but Rally Could Be Short-Lived

Bitcoin has briefly surpassed $59,000, but analysts warn that the current rally might not sustain due to ongoing market pressures and potential sell-offs. Read more

Bear or Bull: Survey Reveals 49% Are Bullish About Crypto Right Now

A recent survey shows that nearly half of crypto investors are optimistic about the market’s future, reflecting a mix of bullish sentiment despite recent downturns. Read more

Ether ETF Fee Race Begins as Invesco Reveals 0.25% Charge, Slightly Higher Than VanEck

Invesco’s new Ether ETF, with a 0.25% fee, enters the competitive market slightly above VanEck’s offering, indicating a growing interest in cryptocurrency ETFs. Read more

CoinDesk 20 Performance Update: ICP and ETH Lead Gains as Index Climbs 1.9%

The CoinDesk 20 index has risen by 1.9%, with Internet Computer (ICP) and Ethereum (ETH) leading the gains, signaling a positive trend in the broader crypto market. Read more

High-Conviction Bitcoin Traders Targeted in New Long BTC ETFs

New Bitcoin ETFs by Rex Shares aim to offer high-conviction traders 200% long or short exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements, attracting those seeking significant market engagement. Read more

Bitcoin Little-Changed Above $57K as Fed Chair Powell Testifies to Congress

Bitcoin remains stable above $57,000 as Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell discusses economic risks and inflation in a congressional testimony. Read more

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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