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Daily #Web3 Market

16 April 2024:

Bitcoin’s weekend dip shakes out short-term holders

Over the weekend, Bitcoin experienced a significant price drop, prompting many short-term holders to sell their holdings at a loss, according to recent analyses. This event highlighted the differing behaviors between short-term and long-term Bitcoin holders in response to market fluctuations. Read more

Buenos Aires charges Worldcoin with consumer law violations, warns of $1.2 million fine

Buenos Aires has formally accused Worldcoin of violating consumer laws, potentially facing a $1.2 million fine. The charges relate to "abusive clauses" in Worldcoin's user agreement, requiring users to waive certain rights and adhere to foreign legal standards. Read more


Global ETP investors shift $126 million away from major cryptocurrencies, favor altcoins like Polkadot

Last week saw a significant shift in exchange-traded product investments, with $126 million moving out of major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum into altcoins such as Polkadot, highlighting changing investor preferences. Read more


Bitcoin’s long-term holders shift to accumulation

Data from Glassnode reveals that Bitcoin's long-term holders are once again accumulating the cryptocurrency, signaling a potential increase in market confidence and a shift in investment strategies. Read more


OKX launches Ethereum layer-2 network for lower fees & interoperability

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has launched an Ethereum-based layer-2 network, seeking to enhance transaction efficiency and interoperability while significantly reducing fees. Read more

 ‘Disable iMessages’ ASAP to avoid crypto zero-day exploit: Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet advises users to disable iMessages immediately due to a zero-day exploit being sold on the dark web for $2 million, potentially risking significant cryptocurrency losses. Read more 


Get out of paying taxes? It's largely possible if you're an expat

Tax experts reveal that expats can largely minimize their U.S. tax obligations, offering various strategies and tips for managing taxes, especially for those dealing with cryptocurrency. Read more

Hong Kong Boards the ETF Express

Hong Kong has approved exchange-traded funds for Bitcoin, signaling a significant step forward in the acceptance of cryptocurrency in mainstream finance within the region. Read more


Ether, Altcoins Remain Under Pressure Following Volatile Weekend

The cryptocurrency market, including Ether and other altcoins, faced significant volatility over the weekend, with Bitcoin also seeing a notable drop to the $64,000 level. Read more









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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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