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Daily #Web3 Market

5 Jul 2024

Long-term holders realize all of the profit and none of the losses

Bitcoin's recent volatility highlighted the behavior differences between long-term and short-term holders. Between June 28 and July 3, Bitcoin's price fluctuated between $60,000 and $62,000. Long-term holders managed to realize profits while short-term holders incurred losses. Read more

Bitcoin’s bullish cycle questioned as price falls below 200-day moving average

Bitcoin has fallen below its 200-day moving average, raising questions about its bullish cycle. This technical indicator is often used to gauge the transition between bull and bear markets. Read more

Decline in panic selling: Bitcoin transfer volume from short-term holders bottoms out post-2024 halving

Bitcoin's transfer volume from short-term holders in loss has significantly declined since the 2024 halving. This suggests a decrease in panic selling and market stabilization. Read more

Decoding The $7B Decline in Bitcoin’s Notional Open Interest

The decline in Bitcoin's notional open interest by $7 billion has been analyzed to understand the underlying market conditions, indicating potential bullish trends despite the drop. Read more

Bitcoin Losing $60K Handle May Trigger Wave of ETF Liquidations: Analyst

Analysts warn that Bitcoin losing the $60K handle could lead to a wave of ETF liquidations. BTC has already dropped 14% in the past four weeks, raising concerns among investors. Read more

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Falls to $60K as Mt. Gox Overhang Looms

Bitcoin fell to $60,000 amid ongoing concerns about the impact of Mt. Gox's repayment plans on the market. This context highlights the latest price moves in BTC and crypto markets. Read more

German MP urges government to stop ‘hasty’ Bitcoin sell-off

Joana Cotar, a member of the Bundestag, criticized the German government for its recent Bitcoin sell-off, arguing it increases market volatility and misses the opportunity to diversify treasury assets. Read more

Justin Sun eyes $2.3 billion German Bitcoin stash despite community skepticism

Tron founder Justin Sun expressed interest in purchasing Germany's $2.3 billion Bitcoin stash to minimize market impact. The proposal was met with skepticism from the crypto community. Read more

Crypto for Advisors: Is Crypto Too Volatile?

Bitcoin's volatility is expected to decline over time with increasing retail and institutional adoption. The upcoming 2028 halving will also make Bitcoin four times as scarce as gold. Read more

DeFi Tokens Plunge 10%-20%, Led by Pendle Amid Weak Crypto Price Action This Week

DeFi tokens, including Pendle, Aave, and Lido, have plummeted 10%-20% due to weak crypto price action. The decrease is attributed to diminishing airdrop farming hype and lower yields. Read more

Crypto Venture Capital Market Rebound Extends Into Second Quarter: Galaxy

The crypto venture capital market continued to rebound in the second quarter, with median pre-money deal valuations reaching $37 million. Despite limited investment capital, competition among investors has increased. Read more

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