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Daily #Web3 Market

26 Jun 2024

STHs faced substantial losses as Bitcoin briefly fell below $60k

Bitcoin's volatility over the weekend led to a sharp drop below $60,000 on June 24, causing over $537 million in realized losses, primarily affecting short-term holders. Read more

Bitcoin supply in Asia doubles, mirroring 2017 bull run pattern

The year-over-year change in Bitcoin supply held/traded in Asia has seen a sharp increase, reflecting patterns similar to the 2017 bull run. Read more

First Mover Americas: BTC Steadies, but 10% Monthly Loss Questions Nasdaq Rally

Bitcoin steadied but recorded a 10% monthly loss, raising questions about the Nasdaq rally. Read more

German Government Entity Moves $24M Bitcoin to Kraken, Coinbase: Arkham

A German government entity moved $24 million worth of Bitcoin to Kraken and Coinbase, following a larger transfer of $425 million among wallets. Read more

Ether Spot ETFs Could See Lower Demand Compared to Bitcoin Peers: Bernstein

Ether Spot ETFs might experience lower demand than Bitcoin ETFs, with regulatory clarity expected to improve later this year. Read more

Mt. Gox Redemption Fears ‘Overblown’ Say Traders as $10B BTC Holdings Draw Concerns

Concerns about the impact of Mt. Gox's $10 billion Bitcoin holdings on the market are considered overblown by traders. Read more

Mt. Gox to Begin Repayments in July; BTC Slides Under $61K

Mt. Gox will start repaying over 140,000 Bitcoin to clients in July, leading to a slide in BTC prices under $61K. Read more

Japan’s Metaplanet Wants to Buy Another $6M Bitcoin

Metaplanet plans to purchase $6.2 million worth of Bitcoin, funded by proceeds from an upcoming bond issuance. Read more

Ethereum ETF process is ‘going smoothly,’ says SEC’s Gensler

SEC Chair Gary Gensler confirmed the smooth progress of the Ethereum ETF approval process, with predictions of imminent trading approval. Read more

Bitcoin price sees oversold bounce to $62K but will it hold?

Bitcoin's price rebounded to $62,000, but traders remain uncertain if the recovery will hold. Read more

VanEck files form 8-A for spot Ether ETF, approval timeline revealed?

VanEck's filing for its Bitcoin ETF suggests a potential launch window for an Ether ETF. Read more

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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