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Daily #Web3 Market

25 Jun 2024:

Bitcoin’s supply in profit drops to 80% as post-halving effects take hold

Bitcoin’s percentage supply in profit has decreased to 80%, reflecting dynamic market conditions and post-halving effects. Read more

Bitfinex whales boost long positions by 2,500 BTC

Bitfinex whales have added over 2,500 BTC to their long positions amid Bitcoin’s recent price drop, indicating bullish sentiment among large holders. Read more

Bitcoin Miner Riot Platforms Ditches Bitfarms Takeover Bid, Seeks to Overhaul Board

Riot Platforms has abandoned its takeover bid for Bitfarms, instead calling for a shareholder meeting to overhaul Bitfarms’ Board of Directors. Read more

First Mover Americas: Mt. Gox Repayments Worsen BTC Woes

The impending distribution of over 140,000 BTC from the defunct Mt. Gox exchange is contributing to Bitcoin’s market volatility and price decline. Read more

Bitcoin Mining Sector Is Attracting Growing Investor Interest Following Core Scientific Deal: JPMorgan

Investor interest in Bitcoin mining is increasing following the Core Scientific deal, with companies like Iris Energy well-positioned to benefit. Read more

Ether Traders Buy $4K Calls In Anticipation of Record High

Ether traders are buying $4,000 call options, showing bullish sentiment and anticipation of Ethereum reaching new record highs. Read more

Japan’s Metaplanet Wants to Buy Another $6M Bitcoin

Japan-based Metaplanet plans to purchase an additional $6 million worth of Bitcoin, continuing its aggressive acquisition strategy. Read more

Lousiana’s new crypto law protects node operators, bans CBDC

Louisiana has updated its legislation to ban the use of central bank digital currencies and establish protections for digital asset miners and node operators. Read more

Price analysis 6/24: SPX, DXY, BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, TON, DOGE, ADA

Bitcoin’s price has dropped to $60,000. This analysis covers various cryptocurrencies and market indices to provide insights on potential market movements. Read more

Crypto investment products see $584M outflow as Bitcoin descends to $60K

Crypto investment products experienced $584 million in outflows as Bitcoin’s price dropped to $60,000, reflecting investor apprehension. Read more

Riot seeks three Bitfarms board members, says it holds 14.9% stake

Riot Platforms aims to replace three Bitfarms board members, including its interim CEO, asserting its influence with a 14.9% stake in the company. Read more

Over $122M Bitcoin longs liquidated as BTC falls below $61K

Bitcoin’s price drop below $61,000 has led to the liquidation of over $122 million in long positions, driven by concerns over Mt. Gox repayments. Read more

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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