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Daily #Web3 Market

20 Jun 2024:

Bitcoin fee shifts in transaction trends and market dynamics

Bitcoin transaction fees have undergone significant changes, impacting transaction trends and market dynamics. This shift is influencing user behavior and the overall market landscape for Bitcoin transactions. Read more

Perpetual futures trading volume surges as Bitcoin spot trading lags

The trading volume for perpetual futures has seen a dramatic increase, despite spot trading for Bitcoin lagging behind. This indicates a growing interest in derivatives markets and highlights the evolving trading strategies within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Read more

Crypto’s Long-Tail Disruptive Trends

Santiago Velasco discusses major trends in the digital asset markets, including interoperability between blockchain networks, restaking, and EVMs. These trends are driving growth and innovation in the new market cycle. Read more

German Government Agency Moves $425M Bitcoin, Some to Crypto Exchanges

The German Federal Criminal Police Office has moved $425 million worth of Bitcoin, with a portion being transferred to crypto exchanges. This movement follows a significant seizure from a piracy site, reflecting the ongoing involvement of law enforcement in the crypto space. Read more

Marathon’s Layer-2 Chain, Anduro, Plugs In ‘Portal to Bitcoin’ for Atomic Swaps

Marathon Digital's Layer-2 chain, Anduro, has introduced a new feature that allows atomic swaps on the Bitcoin network. This development aims to enhance the functionality and interoperability of Bitcoin, facilitating seamless transactions. Read more

First Mover Americas: Ether, Meme Coins Lead Recovery While Bitcoin Remains Subdued

Ether and meme coins are leading a recovery in the crypto markets, while Bitcoin remains relatively subdued. This shift in market dynamics highlights the diverse performance of different crypto assets. Read more

Bitcoin Whales Sold Over $1B BTC in Past Two Weeks: CryptoQuant

Data from CryptoQuant reveals that Bitcoin whales have sold over $1 billion worth of BTC in the past two weeks. This significant sell-off coincides with net outflows from U.S.-listed Bitcoin ETFs, indicating a strategic shift among large holders. Read more

Elevated Ether Volatility Expectations May Be Unfounded

Despite the excitement surrounding the debut of spot Ether ETFs in the U.S., higher price volatility compared to Bitcoin may not materialize. Analysts suggest that market expectations might be overestimating potential price swings. Read more

Bitcoin, Crypto-Related Stocks Are Ripe for Institutional Adoption: Bernstein

Bernstein's report suggests that spot Bitcoin ETFs are likely to be approved by major financial platforms soon. This development is expected to pave the way for increased institutional adoption of Bitcoin and other crypto-related stocks. Read more

Ether ETF’s Lack of Staking Won’t Dampen Strong Institutional Demand, 21Shares’ Ophelia Snyder Says

21Shares' Ophelia Snyder asserts that the lack of staking provisions in prospective Ether ETFs will not diminish strong institutional demand. This confidence underscores the growing interest and trust in Ether as a viable investment. Read more

MicroStrategy Is Pioneering Bitcoin Capital Markets, Bernstein Says

Bernstein highlights MicroStrategy as a pioneer in developing institutional demand for Bitcoin-linked convertible securities. Michael Saylor’s firm is leading the way in integrating Bitcoin into traditional capital markets. Read more

RWA Tokenization Expands to Life Insurance with Infineo Minting $9M of Policies on Provenance Blockchain

Infineo has successfully tokenized $9 million worth of life insurance policies on the Provenance blockchain. This marks a significant step in the expansion of real-world asset tokenization. Read more

XRP, LINK, ETH Stand Out Relative to BTC in Sector Rotation Analysis, DOGE Struggles

A recent sector rotation analysis shows XRP, LINK, and ETH outperforming Bitcoin, while DOGE struggles to keep pace. This analysis highlights shifting investor preferences and market dynamics. Read more

ETH valuation metric is ‘heating up,’ but analyst says it’s not overvalued

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju notes that while Ethereum’s MVRV metric is rapidly rising, current on-chain activity levels suggest that it may not be overvalued. This perspective offers a nuanced view of Ethereum's market position. Read more

Bitcoin exchange reserve metric hits 3-year low

Bitcoin's exchange reserves have reached their lowest level in three years, potentially setting the stage for a supply shock as institutional investors continue to accumulate. Read more

Ethereum (ETH) price fails to rally in the face of good news — Here is why

Despite positive developments, Ethereum's price has struggled to rally, possibly due to investor concerns over macroeconomic conditions. Read more

VC Roundup: Investors double down on funding for crypto, blockchain startups

In the latest VC roundup, investors are showing increased commitment to funding crypto and blockchain startups, including companies like Plural Energy and Everclear. Read more

Moody’s assigns ‘A-bf’ rating for OpenEden’s tokenized fund

Moody's has given OpenEden's TBILL an "A-bf" rating, marking a milestone in the development of tokenized investment funds. Read more

XRP price could break out as open interest increases

XRP's price shows potential for a breakout, but remains heavily influenced by the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC. Read more

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Daily #Web3 Market

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