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Daily #Web3 Market

11 Apr 2024:

Enough altcoins: Let’s integrate blockchain into the real economy

This article emphasizes the need to move beyond creating numerous cryptocurrencies and focus on integrating blockchain technology into the real economy. Read more

Bitcoin’s dual nature: shifting between risk-on and risk-off amid market turbulence

This piece analyzes Bitcoin's behavior in the context of the latest US inflation data and the Federal Reserve's aggressive rate hikes. Read more


Solana congestion issue caused by ‘too much demand’ – devs working on fix without ‘sleeping much’

Solana faces network congestion due to a surge in demand, with developers working tirelessly to resolve the issues. Read more


EU watchdog warns of high concentration in crypto markets, notes minimal euro usage

The European Securities and Markets Authority alerts about high concentration in crypto markets and the minimal involvement of the euro in crypto transactions. Read more

Independent Financial Advisors Start Disclosing Bitcoin Exposure via ETFs

The article reports on financial advisors beginning to disclose their investments in spot Bitcoin ETFs, signifying Bitcoin's growing acceptance in the traditional financial sector.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong Could Mark a Regional First with April Listings

Hong Kong is set to approve its first batch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, potentially becoming the first in the region to offer such financial products.

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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