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Daily #Web3 Market

4 Jun 2024:

Qatar Central Bank launches first phase of CBDC project

The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) announced the completion of infrastructure development for its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project. This marks a significant milestone in QCB’s efforts to embrace digital financial transformations. Read more

Spot Ethereum ETFs will legitimize crypto, lead to ETH supply crunch – Integral

The launch of spot Ethereum ETFs is expected to cause a supply crunch, according to crypto accounting firm Integral. This mirrors the sentiment around spot Bitcoin ETFs, which have experienced record inflows. Read more

Bitcoin realized cap approaches $600 billion, signals rising investor confidence post-halving

Bitcoin’s realized cap has shown substantial growth, approaching $600 billion. This reflects rising investor confidence following the recent halving event. Read more

Bitcoin active addresses plummet to five-year low

Bitcoin’s active addresses have dropped to a five-year low following the April 2024 halving. This metric measures the number of unique addresses active in the network, either as senders or receivers. Read more

Bitcoin hash rate plummets to 567 EH/s: steepest 7-day decline since July 2021

Bitcoin’s hash rate has dropped to 567 exahashes per second, marking its lowest point since the post-halving period and indicating ongoing miner capitulation. Read more

Bitcoin Knocks on $70K Level; Bitfinex Hopeful Selling Pressure That Sparked a Correction Is Ending

Bitcoin’s price nears $70K as blockchain data indicates long-term holders have stopped selling, sparking hopes that the recent correction may be ending. Read more

Wisconsin Pension Plan Likely to Invest Much More in Bitcoin ETF, Marquette Professor Says

A Marquette University professor suggests that more US states may follow Wisconsin in investing in Bitcoin ETFs, highlighting Bitcoin’s potential for high returns and diversification benefits for state pension funds. Read more

Bitcoin ETFs make 26% of BlackRock’s 2024 inflows, 56% of Fidelity’s

Bitcoin ETFs have become significant for BlackRock and Fidelity, making up 26% and 56% of their 2024 inflows, respectively. Read more

Hackers exploit Chrome plugin to steal millions from Binance accounts

Hackers used a malicious Chrome plugin to steal cookies from users, allowing them to bypass security measures and access Binance accounts, resulting in significant financial losses. Read more

Bitcoin transaction value hits yearly high with $25B moved

Bitcoin transaction value reached a yearly high, with over $25 billion moved in a single day, highlighting increased activity and interest in the cryptocurrency. Read more

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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