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Daily #Web3 Market

29 May 2024

BlackRock adds $4.1 million of its IBIT spot Bitcoin ETF to two funds

BlackRock added $4.1 million worth of its spot Bitcoin ETF shares to two of its funds, increasing its iShares Bitcoin Trust holdings in the BlackRock Strategic Income Opportunities Portfolio and another fund. Read more

Metaplanet to invest additional ¥250 million in Bitcoin amid staggering stock growth

Japan-based Metaplanet plans to purchase an additional ¥250 million ($1.6 million) worth of Bitcoin, continuing its aggressive acquisition strategy and significantly increasing its Bitcoin holdings. Read more

First-ever Bitcoin mining derivative product goes live on a regulated US exchange

Luxor Technology and Bitnomial launched the first fully regulated Bitcoin mining derivative product in the US, aiming to increase liquidity and transparency while reducing counterparty risk. Read more

Ethereum Name Service proposes ENSv2 upgrade to tap into booming layer 2 networks

ENS Labs proposed an ENSv2 upgrade to facilitate the Ethereum Name Service's migration to a layer 2 network, enhancing the protocol amid increased adoption and value growth in layer-2 networks. Read more

Leveraged Ether ETF to Start Trading June 4, Sponsor Volatility Shares Says

Volatility Shares' 2x Ether Strategy ETF will be the first leveraged crypto ETF in the US, starting trading on June 4 after SEC approval. Read more

Riot Plans Hostile Takeover of Bitfarms; Proposes $2.30 Per Share

Riot Platforms announced a hostile takeover bid for Bitfarms, proposing $2.30 per share, causing Bitfarms' shares to rise nearly 6%. Read more

Medical Device Maker Semler Scientific Stock Rises 25% After $40M Bitcoin Investment

Semler Scientific's stock rose 25% after announcing a $40 million Bitcoin investment as part of its treasury strategy. Read more

Ethereum-Based Domain Protocol ENS Seeks Own L2, Possibly With ZK Rollups

The ENSv2 proposal by ENS Labs aims to overhaul the network’s registry system and transform it into a layer 2 solution, potentially using ZK Rollups. Read more

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Falls Below $68K After $9B Mt. Gox Transfer

Bitcoin's price fell below $68,000 after a $9 billion transfer from Mt. Gox, causing market concerns over selling pressure. Read more

Bitcoin and Ether ETF Markets Expected to Grow to $450B: Bernstein

A Bernstein report projects that Bitcoin and Ether ETF markets could grow to $450 billion, with over $100 billion in inflows expected in the next two years. Read more

Dogecoin, Floki, Dogwifhat Start to Surge as GameStop Jumps 19% in Pre-Market

Dog-themed tokens surged as GameStop's stock jumped 19% in pre-market trading, continuing the trend of meme stocks influencing crypto. Read more

One-Third of U.S. Voters Say They'll Weigh Candidates' Crypto Views Before Voting: Poll

A Harris Poll indicates that one-third of U.S. voters will consider political candidates' views on cryptocurrencies before voting. Read more

Crypto Prime Broker FalconX Starts FX Desk With Hires From BCB Group

FalconX launched an FX desk, offering crypto trading firms access to 20 forex pairs, with new hires from BCB Group. Read more

Solana Validators to Get More SOL as Fee Proposal Passes in Favor

Solana validators will receive the full priority fee amount per transaction after a governance proposal passed with over 77% approval. Read more

Alan Howard-Backed Elwood Technologies in Talks to Sell Part of the Business: Sources

Elwood Technologies is negotiating to sell part of its business, focusing more on portfolio and risk management services. Read more

Mt.Gox Transfers $9B Bitcoin to Single Address as Part of Repayment Plans

Mt. Gox transferred nearly 107,000 Bitcoin to a single address as part of its repayment plans, leading to a 1.2% drop in Bitcoin's price. Read more

$2.7B worth of electricity spent on US Bitcoin mining in 2024 — analyst

Bitcoin miners in the US spent $2.7 billion on electricity in 2024, with profitability impacted by the Bitcoin Halving event. Read more

Huobi co-founder’s firm recovers 108% of deposits from FTX collapse

Huobi co-founder’s investment firm recovered 108% of its deposits lost in the FTX collapse by selling creditors' claims to Ceratosaurus Investors LLC. Read more

Tensions in DeFi industry exposed by LayerZero’s anti-Sybil strategy

LayerZero identified 800,000 potential Sybil addresses, sparking tension within the DeFi community over its anti-Sybil strategy. Read more

MoonPay launches Web3 platform for brands, digital experience

MoonPay launched a Web3 platform targeting digital experiences for brands, a market expected to reach over $25 billion by 2029. Read more

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