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Daily #Web3 Market

9 May 2024


SEC delays crypto wallet provider Exodus' NYSE American listing amid ongoing scrutiny

The U.S. SEC has delayed the NYSE American listing of crypto wallet provider Exodus, citing ongoing review processes. This unexpected move by the SEC has postponed the planned listing, impacting Exodus's market entry strategy. Read more


Core Scientific reports $210.7 million in Q1 net income, 2,825 BTC production

Core Scientific announced a substantial $210.7 million net income for Q1 2024, marking a significant turnaround from last year's losses. The company also reported producing 2,825 bitcoins during the quarter. Read more


Polkadot rolls out asynchronous backing to boost network efficiency and transaction speed

Polkadot has introduced asynchronous backing to improve transaction speeds and network efficiency, marking a significant technological advancement for the blockchain. Read more


Crypto Monthly Trading Volume Drops for First Time in Seven Months to $6.58T

The total monthly trading volume of cryptocurrencies has decreased to $6.58 trillion, marking the first decline in seven months. The downturn is highlighted by a nearly 15% drop in Bitcoin's value in April, ending its prolonged period of gains. Read more

Crypto Markets Under Pressure as $2B Worth of Altcoin Token Unlocks and $11B Bitcoin Distribution Loom

The crypto markets are facing increased pressure due to upcoming unlocks of $2 billion worth of altcoin tokens and the distribution of $11 billion in Bitcoin, potentially impacting market stability. Read more


Robinhood's Q1 Crypto Trading Volume Surged 224% as SEC Action Looms

Robinhood's crypto trading volume has seen a significant increase of 224% in the first quarter, despite looming regulatory actions by the SEC, highlighting the platform's growing influence in the crypto market. Read more


Crypto Is an Election Issue This Year. Is That a Good Thing?

Summary: A new survey reveals that one-in-five voters consider cryptocurrency a key issue in the upcoming U.S. elections, underscoring its increasing importance in political discourse. Read more


Solana drops 5% on new FTX plan, quick rebound to wipe $125M shorts

Solana's price fell by 5% due to concerns over an FTX sell-off but is expected to rebound quickly, potentially liquidating about $125 million in short positions. Read more




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Daily #Web3 Market

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