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Daily #Web3 Market

Updated: 4 days ago

3 Apr 2024

Grayscale falls behind in ETF outflows first time since launch as ARKB loses $87.5 million

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust recorded lower ETF outflows for the first time since the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, with ARK 21Shares losing $87.5 million. This marks the lowest outflow for Grayscale since March 12.  Read more

VanEck to manage reserve fund for new Agora Dollar stablecoin venture after $12 million raise

Bitcoin ETF issuer VanEck will oversee the reserve fund for the new Agora Dollar stablecoin, following a $12 million funding round. Agora Dollar aims to challenge the stablecoin market with a compliant structure. Read more

Historical patterns repeat as Bitcoin declines before halving

As the Bitcoin halving event approaches, Bitcoin is experiencing a downturn, consistent with historical patterns observed before previous halvings. Read more

US government moves $130 million in Bitcoin confiscated from Silk Road to Coinbase

The US government transferred $130 million worth of Bitcoin, confiscated from Silk Road, to Coinbase as part of a sale announced in January. Read more

Bitcoin surpasses tipping point – Hyper-Bitcoinization and the future of financial sovereignty

On the SlateCast, Jan3 CEO Samson Mow discussed his vision of hyper-Bitcoinization, advocating for Bitcoin's potential to transform global financial sovereignty. Read more

Aave considers dropping DAI as collateral over contagion concerns from MakerDAO's USDe move

Marc Zeller, founder of the Aavechan Initiative, proposed removing DAI stablecoin's collateral status in Aave's lending ecosystem, citing contagion risks from MakerDAO's investment in USDe.  Read more

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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Daily #Web3 Market

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